APS Engineering AB

APS is a Swedish company shaped by close international relations with customers, suppliers and partners. Based in Stockholm, APS has manufactured and promoted rotary perforator systems designed for the security and commercial printing industries for more than 30 years.

All over the World
Our patented method for precision perforating has been very successful throughout the world. We can proudly say that we have delivered our perforating machines to over 25 different countries all over the world. For example, Postal Services in Europe, India, China and America are committed to APS technology for their stamp perforation.

Versatile and Flexible Solutions
APS have installed perforators in various different configurations of printing presses, including Goebel, Giave, Chesnut, Miller Martini, Heidelberg, Giebler, Epikos, Anderotti, ATN and others.
APS give you a complete solution to your needs. We deliver with reel stand, un-winder / re-winder, sheeter or without.
The systems can be used shaft-less and shaft feed as well as inline and offline. You can use our machine from roller to roller or from roller to sheet. 

Range of application :
Safety marking
Circuit patterns
Perforated plastic products for agriculture
Paper forms
Computer Papers

Range of material:
Aluminum Foile